Among Us Logic: Fat Imposter…

Veteran can be heard calling for assistance from a vent in the background as the program begins.

He describes his experience to this point off camera.

It then switches to Gnome and Engineer running while Player attempts to murder one of them in order to win the game. Ventilation is then triggered, trapping the two of them.

Gnome closed the door to allow Engineer time to perform “rapid calculations” in order to find a route out while the door remained unlocked.

Engineer and Gnome came on the other side just as Player attempted and failed to open the door many times.

As Player plummeted through the air, he lamented his latest defeat at the hands of a cheat.

He was strapped into the driver’s seat of a fast, hoodless automobile being piloted by Veteran the next thing he knew.

The next scene depicts the newly opened Mr. Cheese’s eatery.

BDay and Rose were also waiting in line behind Veteran, as they were in a separate car from him.

Player defended his mood to Veteran by stating that the system is adjusted in some way each week.

When Mr. Cheese realized Player was feeling ill and offered he purchase his meal to help him recover, Veteran refused, claiming his lactose sensitivity as the cause.

Mr. Cheese and Cheddar will soon begin boasting about their new executive chef.

Veteran returned to the Airship for one more battle after he was stronger.

At the subsequent game, the Player and Veteran spawn in the Cargo Bay.

Veteran is suspected of downloading a separate mod by the player.

He is assassinated by the Veteran in the midst of his speech, and he attempts to inform the Kitchen, but becomes bogged down.

PoopyFarts, on the other hand, seeks to report Player’s body when he arrives to aid Veteran.

Mr. Cheese uses his cheese to kill PoopyFarts in order to assist Veteran in navigating the vent.

Mr. Egg intends to shut down Cheese Louise by launching his own restaurant in the Kitchen.

After hearing Mr. Egg talk, he wanders over and tastes some of Mr. Egg’s burgers.

Following that, he makes death threats against Mr. Egg and pursues him, his pace slowed by the massive amount of burgers he had ingested.

This information is provided by Gnome.

When Gnome saw the bodies of PoopyFarts, Player, and Engineer, she cried, “It’s time for Engie!”


After Mr. Egg accuses Veteran of being a phony, Veteran begins pepper-grinding him.

Mr. Cheese places the blame on Commander, and Veteran concurs, arguing that as the commander of the Airship, he is accountable for whatever happened (as he smears butter on Mr. Egg).

While Gnome accuses Veteran of the crime, Captain maintains that Veteran was only babbling about how amazing and necessary he is!

According to the Veteran, the Captain is responsible for all of the airship murders (as he cooks Mr. Egg).

Captain agrees and votes himself out of the running, indicating Gnome’s disapproval.

According to the player, it was the most normal game they had played in a long time.


To paraphrase Mr. Cheese, “Ah cheese here we go again” is a reference to “ah shrimp here we go again” from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It’s the first time, compared to previous episodes, that Player is the one who dies first rather than the last.

This character’s mouth is the second to be given to him. Captain was the first.

“What the?” was the next thing Player said. There is a chorus of honking coming from the sky cars.

1_Among Us Sheriff Mod

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The sheriff is armed with a kill button, and he can dispatch impostors without the need for a vote from the crew. However, there is one snag with this plan. If you attempt to kill an innocent player, you will be killed instead.

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